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September 13, 2011

Supporting Higher Education’s Purpose

“Why are we so focused on how students look when they come into our institution, rather than how they look when they exit our institutions?” was stated from an admissions officer at The Case for Change in College Admissions.

The University of Southern California’s Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice, and the Education Conservancy created a report based on participation from 180 senior admissions officers that attended The Case for Change in College Admissions.  The question above raises many uncertainties, like why some colleges may put their entire efforts into getting the top notch students into their college instead of putting that much effort into finding jobs for these same students that they pushed to attend in the first place.

The report states that admission officers should “instill a sense of genuine excitement in students at the power of higher education to bring about a transformation, regardless of where one begins on the scale of income or educational background. Working together represents the best, and possibly the only hope of creating an admissions system that better supports the public purposes of higher education.”  They are pushing for schools and institutions to remember their higher education obligations for the greater good, instead of simply obtaining the best students to increase their institutions competitive advantage and prestige.

Concluding with, “Selective universities and colleges must work together in adopting enrollment management practices that serve the public interest in more effective ways. In taking this step, higher education can make important strides in shaping the nation’s class for the decades ahead.”

Hopefully the power of these statements will not get overlooked by the enrollment and admissions committees from higher education institutions.  If institutions consider this, they will need a change in their priorities and processes.  What do you think about admissions committees competing together instead of against each other for the best students?  Could this be an obtainable goal?