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September 25, 2012

Taking Social Media to the Next Level

In a survey conducted by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, researchers found that 100% of Colleges and Universities are now utilizing social media. Now that everyone has recognized the importance of social media, the question becomes: How will your school’s social media efforts rise above the noise of the crowd?

So, how can your school distinguish itself and take social media to the next level? The answer may not be as complicated as it seems. To answer this question, we looked to the Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.

Harvard topped the list with their All Harvard Social Media page. Using a dashboard-style layout, you get a quick, easy-to-swallow overview of what’s happening with featured tweets, Facebook “likes,” and YouTube videos. Because it is featured in the footer, this social media dashboard is easily accessible from any page in the site. My favorite feature? A menu to organizes all Harvard-affiliated social media profiles in one elegant, easily to navigate location.

Harvard Social Media Directory
The University of Oregon has taken full advantage of Foursquare’s features by creating a robust profile with helpful descriptions of campus landmarks. No time to take a tour? No problem! You can guide yourself through the campus with the help of a smartphone.University of Oregon Foursquare

And, last but not least, Emerson University has done a great job in promoting social media both for the university and in the classroom. Each semester, Emerson’s social media class targets a well-known person who would be impossible to contact via traditional means, and then use Twitter to communicate with them directly. Their Fall 2011 efforts were very successful, and they had the opportunity to have a social media Q&A session with athlete Chad Johnson (formerly known as Chad Ochocinco) and his ex-wife, star of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada.

Emerson Students meet Chad Johnson

September 10, 2012

Using Instagram in Admissions

instagramIt is probably the last thing you want to hear, but there is yet another social media tool that your school and the admissions office could be using – Instagram!

Instagram is a cool, quirky picture tool that allows users to take professional photos instantly by adding filters and effects to images. Instagram can be used on the iPhone or Android, which currently dominates 82% of the Smartphone user population according to comScore’s April 2012 report.  Users have the option to share these photos with other social networks and friends.

So, how could you use Instagram to promote admissions? We have some ideas for you to try!

  • Get prospective students involved! Promote a hashtag for photographs taken while on tour (i.e. #yaletour2012) – You, your prospective students, and any other instagram users will be able to view the photos under your chosen hashtag.
  • Reward prospective students and tour attendees for following your instagram account and other social media outlets with coupons to the bookstore.
  • Cross-promote instagram photos and hashtags by sharing them on your school’s other social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use instagram as a promotional tool! Challenge newly accepted students to take photos under a dedicated hashtag (i.e. #pittbeautifulcampus) – Then reward the best photographer with bookstore goodies or by featuring their instagram photo in university advertising and promotions.

Do you have ideas for using Instagram as an admissions tool? Share it with us in the comments!